Why Personality Can Get You A Job Over Experience

Most people think experience is the most important factor in getting hired. And yes, having the right skills and experience is essential to land a job interview. But experience won’t be the thing that gets you the job.

This is why the most qualified job candidates often don’t get a job offer. Experience is important, but it’s not the deciding factor in the hiring process. Hiring managers consider other factors when deciding who to hire for an open position.

Personality + Aptitude + Experience = HIRED

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People get hired based on personality over experience all the time. In fact, there are three things that hiring managers evaluate you on: personality, aptitude, and experience (in that order).

Why doesn’t the most qualified candidate with the most experience get hired? It doesn’t work that way. Companies tend to get a whole bunch of people who all have relatively the same experience, so they could all do the job. So what they have to do is discriminate. And I know you hate that word, but that’s what hiring is. Hiring managers look for other attributes like personality as a way to figure out which person will be the easiest to work with on the job.

This happens every single day. Only 39% of people who get placed in jobs have the exact experience. Think about that number. Sixty-one percent get placed because they have other things like personality.

Now, you can’t convey personality on a resume and LinkedIn profile. Don’t even try, because when people do that, it’s kind of like thinking you have style and a sense of humor. When you don’t, it can come out all wrong. Instead, you need to learn the tools for conveying your personality in the job search. And Work It Daily can help.

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