Travelling to become dearer this summer; your flight, hotel stay and food prices to go up by 50%

Travelling will become dearer this summer and you may have to shell out more money on flight tickets, hotel stays and food. Zee Business has learn that through travel agents that tourists may have to pay up to 50 per cent more money for their trips.    

Shimla, Manali, Leh or Goa – Not just hill stations, your sojourns in beach destinations will also become expensive.

Whether it is flight ticket, hotel or food, expenses are expected to rise across the board
The flight tickets will become expensive by over 50 per cent in comparison to the previous year while expenses on hotel and accommodation have increased by 30 per cent.

As per the people in the know, most airlines have sold 70 per cent of their inventories and the prices of remaining tickets could go up from now.

The taxi fare may also go up because of the rise in petrol prices over the previous year.

As for international destinations, the flight tickets for travelling to Europe and US are already sky-high.

While the return flight ticket from Europe was between Rs 50,000 and Rs 60,000 in the previous year. This time the return tickets will cost anywhere between Rs 90,000.

The return ticket from destinations in US which used to cost between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 1.25 lakh now cost around Rs 2 lakh.

Return ticket from Australia which used to cost Rs 90,000 now cost Rs 1-1.25 lakh.

The cost of ticket to Middle East destinations is anywhere between Rs 30,000-Rs 40,000. It used to earlier cost between Rs 20,000-Rs 25,000.

Another blow is on the currency front. The value of rupee has fallen against the USD which will further increase the cost of foreign travel.

The rupee was trading around 82.72 (provisional) against the US dollar on Monday, as the American currency retreated from its elevated levels, PTI reported.

At the interbank foreign exchange market, the local unit opened at 82.69 against the greenback registering a gain of 10 paise over its previous close of 82.82.

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