Layoffs and hiring are both happening right now. What do you need to do to create career security? This contrast in the labor market is unusual and proof that we are in uncharted territory.

Summary Sunday Issue 507

You’ll be ok if you realize that your career security isn’t tied to a job or company. It’s what you do to ensure you are prepared for whatever comes next. Better yet, you take action to move towards what you want next.

In this week’s summary, you’ll find articles that will help you gain control over your job search and career.

  • Job search plan For February
  • What recruiters think about ChatGPT resumes
  • Network with recruiters
  • 2023 predictions from career experts
  • Prepare for a layoff
  • Create a standout post on LinkedIn
  • Common practice admired companies share

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How To Create A Job Search Plan For February | David Fano, Teal

In this post, you’ll find an easy-to-follow list of steps to take to create a job search plan. Plus, the no-cost tools from Teal to help you track the information and make it happen!

ChatGPT writing résumés and cover letters needn’t be feared, HR pros say | HR Brew

What do recruiters and HR think about the possibility of ChatGPT-written resumes? Well, they don’t seem to mind. The bottom line is that candidates still have to go through the interview process and that is something ChatGPT can’t step in and do for them.

How Do You Network with Recruiters in a 2-Hour Job Search | Donna Svei

Read this post twice to make sure you don’t miss anything. It’s a multi-step process that will help you get on a recruiter’s radar. Plus, this process works for anyone you want to connect with on LinkedIn. If you aren’t familiar with the book “2-Hour Job Search” by Steve Dalton, it’s worth a read.

Career Success is Around the Corner – Advice from 18 Top Experts | Wishingwell Coaching

Jessica Sweet asked 18 career professionals this question: What prediction can you make that we can all look forward to or be hopeful about in 2023? See these insightful predictions and start taking action now!


Dealing With and Preparing for Layoffs – 2023 Edition | Virginia Franco Resumes

If you have been laid off, or fear a layoff is about to happen, take action on these six things to prepare for your job search. It will take longer than you want to secure a new job.


How Do You Stand Out In The Content Storm On LinkedIn? | Richard van der Blom

Did you know: The average time that people spend on LinkedIn per session is 52 seconds and the number of posts they see is nine. These six tips will help you craft more memorable and attention-grabbing posts on LinkedIn. (While this is written for sales and marketing, it applies to all of us!)


The Feature the World’s Most Admired Companies Share | Korn Ferry

Who knew there was a list called the World’s Most Admired Companies? Now we know. Based on executive surveys of these companies, most emphasize this business practice far more than their peers do. See what it is.


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do it with the confidence of a boy in a batman cape


What’s in Your Branding Stack? Top Tips From 8 Pros | Marti Konstant

There are many ways to showcase your personal brand. To better understand how to shape your personal brand, Marti Konstant posed this question, “What are elements of your branding stack?”


How To Answer “What Is Your Work Style?” (With Examples)

Two Weeks After An Interview With No Response: Quick Tips

33 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job Offer In 2023

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