As you know, there are many moving pieces when conducting a job search. There will always be changes or updates to the job search process and parts some job seekers struggle with or need more help with.

Summary Sunday issue 503

Every week I discover, read and share articles related to job search. And many are so good, they justify amplifying. That’s what this summary is all about.

In this week’s summary, you’ll find advice to help with your job search including:

  • Fix your job search
  • Organize your job search
  • Offline personal branding
  • Introducing yourself
  • Attitudes towards innovation
  • 2023 Work trends
  • Reach out to these 11 people
  • LinkedIn’s automated Resume Builder

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Here Are 15 Possible Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired—and How to Fix Them | The Muse

What makes this list valuable is that it looks at the different phases of the job search (not getting contacted after applying, not getting second interviews, not getting the job offer). See what to focus on fixing during each stage of the job search process.

You’re NOT Using a Job Tracker? Organizing Your Job Search the RIGHT Way | Teal

See how using a job tracker simplifies your job search and makes it easier to keep track of the jobs you apply to (and more)! If you’ve been using a spreadsheet, you’ll probably want to ditch it after watching this. Plus, it is free.


50+ Tips to Brand Yourself Offline | Job Mob

Review this list of places and ways to leave a memorable impression in-person. Which of these will you add to your list of to-dos?


A Simple Way to Introduce Yourself | Harvard Business Review

You’ve been asked to introduce yourself – are you ready? Whether starting a new job or attending a group event (online or in-person), what you say when introducing yourself makes a lasting impression. Get it right with this simple formula.


Managers Don’t Love Innovators | LeadershipIQ

What qualities do managers most appreciate? And how employees and managers differ in how they perceive an innovative culture. While we agree we need innovation, it may not be rewarded at all organizational levels. Thanks to Kelli Hrivnak for sharing this on LinkedIn.

9 Future of Work Trends For 2023 | Gartner

This article identifies what companies need to do to address the current state of work – a competitive talent landscape, an exhausted workforce, and pressure to control costs. As you read these 9 predictions, ask yourself what this means for you as a job seeker? How will your search benefit from these possible changes?


Who are the 10 types of people you should be meeting with or having conversations with during your job search? You can see the full explanation here.
And my friend Arthur Catalanello added one more: people who hold a job like the one you are pursuing.

10 types of people to network with


Beat the ATS with LinkedIn’s Automated Resume Builder including Position Targeted Key-Wording | Kevin D. Turner

If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn’s Resume Builder, you will want to watch this. Its power is pulling keywords and skills so you can insert them in your resume (and LinkedIn profile). While you may have an awesome resume, this tool can help identify missing terms.


Predictions For 2023 From The Career Experts | Forbes

Thanks to Robin Ryan for inviting me along with these experts to share their predictions for 2023. When it comes to understanding workforce trends and the labor market, those who support job seekers have a good idea of what’s happening because they work with various clients.


“What Is Your Superpower?” Answers, Tips & Examples

How To Quit A Job You Just Started: 7 Simple Steps

10 Top Job Search Articles from 2022

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