Whether looking for a new job or thinking of looking for a new job, it’s important to make sure you have a good grasp of what to do and what to expect.

That’s the purpose of Summary Sunday.

Summary Sunday Issue 498

Things change pretty quickly these days so you want to make sure that your job search strategy aligns with today’s hiring environment.

This week’s Summary Sunday includes articles about:

  • Lists of job search coaches, resume writers and recruiters
  • What you need to know about rescinded offers
  • Salary negotiation tips
  • Ageism in job postings
  • Ways to make difficult career decisions
  • What is “career cushioning”
  • Making friends at work

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Career Thought Leaders Who Consistently Write Great LinkedIn Content | Sarah Johnston on LinkedIn

Following the right sources of information on LinkedIn will help with your job search. Sarah shared 3 different lists on Friday and I was honored to be on this one. If you don’t already follow the people mentioned both in her post and those tagged in the comments, I hope you will. Here is her list of recruiters and list of resume writers.

Rescinded Job Offers: Why It Can Happen and What to Do | Job-Hunt.org

While it’s not common for job offers to be taken off the table, it can happen. See a few of the reasons for job offers to disappear and what you should look out for.


Top Salary Negotiation Mistakes That Keep You From Getting Paid What You’re Worth | Shelley Piedmont

There are seven common things people do during salary negotiations that trip up the discussion. See what you can do next time to get paid what you are worth.


Ageism Continues to Creep Into Hiring | ERE

This is a view from a recruiter’s perspective on why using the number of years of experience to qualify candidates is a bad idea. (Hint: Job seekers, stop using your years of experience. Instead, quantify the scope and scale of what you can do.)


How To Consider and Make Difficult Career Decisions | Inside Higher Ed

You’ll find three different methods to help you reach a decision. This is written for college students making a career choice, but it applies to anyone facing a complex career choice. For example:

  • The stakes are high for the person making this decision.
  • Both choices feel comparable to each other.
  • Your head and heart pull you in different directions.
  • It brings back memories of past decisions that may not have gone as expected,

‘Career cushioning’ is the newest workplace term everyone’s about to hate, thanks to an impending recession | Forbes

We don’t need a term for looking for a new job while employed, but we got it. See why employed workers are hedging their bets on a new job. Thanks to John Tarnoff for drawing attention to this topic.

The Power of Work Friends | Harvard Business Review

We spend many hours working, yet “Gallup has seen a five-point decline in those who say they have a best friend at work since 2019.” This article contains three ways you can build more work friendships. Thanks to Hung Lee for pointing out this article.


Don’t Give Up The Job Search Just Because The Holidays Are Near | Professional Resume Services

Erin Kennedy shared these reminders about job searching over the holidays. Thanks for including my reminder.


Answering Interview Questions About Organizational Skills

Two Weeks After An Interview With No Response: Quick Tips

Motivation Monday Job Search Accountability Group

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