With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, I want to remind you to keep your job search active throughout the next month. Hiring is still happening and December is a great month to job search!

Summary Sunday Issue 497

To help you pull the pieces of job search together, this week’s summary addresses:

  • Resume writing guide
  • 5 job search myths
  • A new job search newsletter you should check out
  • Job search tracking apps
  • How to create the perfect post on LinkedIn
  • Explain what you do so everyone understands

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The Definitive Guide to Writing Your Executive Resume in 2022 | Chameleon Resumes

Is your resume ready? Use this comprehensive guide to evaluate and update it today. Yes, today. Because you never know when you’ll need it! Lisa Rangel reviews each section of the resume showing specific examples so you can see what to do and how to do it.

And don’t miss Lisa Rangel’s How to Write An Executive Resume to Land a 6 or 7 Figure Job Tues. Dec. 6 from 12-1pm EST.


Don’t Let These 5 Job Search Myths Wreck Your Job Search | Virginia Franco Resumes

See if you have heard or believe any of these myths. They often circulate online or are perpetuated by well-meaning friends. Keep in mind, that most job search advice is general and the answer is based on a number of unique circumstances so the answer usually is “it depends.”

Job Seeking Is Hard Newsletter | Adam Karpiak

For those who don’t already follow Adam on LinkedIn or Twitter, you should. He’s a recruiter who is advocates for job seekers. He’s witty and fun. His newsletter is also dedicated to helping job seekers. This is his third issue – Quantifying Success On Resumes. Subscribe if you want regular updates.

5 Apps to Manage Your Job Hunt, Track Applications, and Get Employment | MakeUseOf

People need different systems/processes. Try one of these if you aren’t using a system to track your job search. I had only heard of one of these apps, so thanks to Phyllis Mufson, who originally shared it, for updating my list of tools.


The 8 Ingredients of the Perfect LinkedIn Post | Richard van der Blom on LinkedIn

Ok, it’s hard to post regularly on LinkedIn. But when you do post, follow these tips so more people will engage with your post!


How to Explain YOUR JOB at a Family Dinner | Common Craft

This is one of my favorite posts! Use this to answer “what do you do” at your next holiday get-together. FYI, Common Craft makes explainer videos, so they know how to simplify complicated stuff.


What To Do When You Get Laid Off From Work: A Full Guide

7 Tips For Writing Job Application Email Subject Lines

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Awesome?

Laid off and looking webinar

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