South Korean crypto exchange GDAC hacked for nearly $14M By Cointelegraph

South Korean crypto exchange GDAC has been hacked for approximately $13.9 million worth of crypto. The exchange has halted all deposits and withdrawals and is performing emergency server maintenance in response to the attack, according to an April 10 announcement from GDAC CEO Han Seunghwan.

According to the announcement, the attacker gained control of some of the exchange’s hot wallets on the morning of April 9 and, at 7 am Korean Standard Time, began moving crypto into wallets under the attacker’s control. Around 61 (BTC), 350.5 Ether (ETH), 10 million of the WEMIX gaming currency, and $220,000 worth of (USDT) was stolen in the attack. This totals around $13.9 million worth of crypto at April 10 prices.