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Basketball is a game beloved by millions across the globe, and played by people of all backgrounds, genders, ages, and abilities. And while March Madness—college basketball’s season-ending tournament and one of sports’ most popular spectacles—lasts less than a month, enthusiasm for the game endures perennially.

As such, home courts have long been a sought-after amenity in the world’s most impressive properties. Here’s a closer look at five incredible homes and the sport that helped inspire them.

By the Birthplace of Basketball

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Located amid the beauty of Blue Heron Lake in Bedford, New York, this magnificent country lodge is set between two basketball landmarks. Not far to the north, Springfield, Massachusetts, is the birthplace of James Naismith, who invented the sport in 1891.The iconic Madison Square Garden is not far to the south in New York City.

Naismith would be proud of this property’s indoor basketball court, as his mission was to devise a game for students to play on rainy days. It delivers stylish functionality with a climbing wall behind the backboard and immediate access to the garden.

The Origins of March Madness

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Illinois may be best known in basketball circles for being the state of the legendary Chicago Bulls, but it has another hardwood-specific claim to fame. It was here the term “March Madness” was officially coined by Henry V. Porter in 1939 to describe the collegial furor that surrounded basketball tournaments in the state.

It’s therefore fitting that this elegant Georgian-style estate, dating from 1936, boasts its own scenic half-court, along with a soccer field, swimming pool, spa, and expansive, beautifully landscaped yards. The majesty of the exteriors is matched by the interiors, which were fully renovated over the course of more than three years.

A Pastime Everyone Can Enjoy

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Since 2008, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association has been tracking people’s participation in major team sports—and year after year, basketball has beaten baseball, soccer, football, and hockey by an enormous margin. Its 2022 report states that 27.1 million Americans over the age of six played basketball at least once the previous year.

So it comes as no surprise that when this brand-new mansion was recently built on the banks of the Potomac River, a state-of-the-art basketball court was included. It’s truly a masterpiece, with its own exterior entrance for players and spectators, the same flooring as pro stadiums, and authentic Spalding hoops.

Embracing the Athletic Lifestyle

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Aspen, Colorado, has a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s great recreation capitals, so it’s a perfect place for a basketball aficionado to call home. After all, the game requires some intense feats of physicality—in a single game, a professional player might run the equivalent of four miles.

Along with its regulation basketball court, this sprawling ranch features a professional tennis court, racquetball court, swimming pool, steam room, and fully equipped gym—all part of an indoor athletic facility spanning nearly 16,000 square feet. There are also 21 acres of fields, forests, and pastures on the property, so residents can immerse themselves in the great outdoors.

Cheering for the Home Team(s)

Neyshia Go and Charlie Edgar – Sotheby’s International Realty – Beverly Hills Brokerage

Any true basketball fan will feel at home in California, which boasts more professional teams than any other state. This palatial property, dubbed the Prancing Horse Estate, is close enough to Los Angeles that you could pull for either the Lakers or the Clippers—though its panoramic outdoor court is decidedly Lakers-themed.

The basketball court isn’t the only showstopper on the grounds. Formal gardens, equestrian facilities, koi ponds, citrus groves, and vineyards growing Grenache and Pinot Noir make this Santa Barbara mansion feel like a royal residence, as do the breathtaking views of the surrounding valley.

Basketball is a game that has justly earned worldwide acclaim, and this hasn’t been lost on the world’s best architects and designers. So when looking for a luxury home that encourages an active, vibrant lifestyle, keep an eye out for hoops.

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