New WSJ editor Tucker unimpressed with work ethic

Emma Tucker

New Wall Street Journal editor Emma Tucker has not been impressed with the work ethic of some of her new employees, reports The Spectator’s Cockburn’s Gossip column.

The Spectator writes, “Cockburn understands that the flat-out Tucker has been underwhelmed by the work ethic of her new American colleagues. ‘What do they all do all day?’ she is reportedly prone to wondering out loud. The Wall Street Journal’s newsroom is gargantuan compared to the Sunday Times — and its 1,800 or so journalists constitute a vast army by any editor’s standards. The Journal is famous for a laborious and bureaucratic editing process, just the sort of thing Fleet Street dynamos like Tucker can’t stand about self-serious American journalism.

“Tucker’s trusty lieutenant is managing editor Liz Harris, an Aussie who Tucker brought with her from London. Two top WSJ editors were cut this week, and Harris will surely be looking for further efficiencies soon. The pair were adroit cost-cutters in London and are gearing up to take a similar approach in New York. To any Wall Street Journal employees reading, Cockburn advises you get back into the office and make yourself busy, pronto!”

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