Majority of Indians don’t take full back-up of data: Study

None of us wants to lose important files in case a system crashes or a hard drive fails. One of the safest ways to ensure that is to back up your data. But a survey has found that the majority of people in India do not take a full backup of data. In a study titled ‘Understanding Data Storage Habits of PC Users in India’, only 32 per cent of people in our country take a full backup of their data.

The study, commissioned by Western Digital and conducted by Feedback Advisory, found that in India, only 31 per cent of the respondents take data backups monthly.  As per the study, 52 per cent of the respondents also confirmed having lost their data, at least once, in their lifetime.

According to the study, the awareness about data backup benefits has risen over time but people are still reluctant.  Also, the study reveals that respondents cited reasons such as the cost of a backup device, fear of losing the backup device, inability to find time to back up, finding it a cumbersome process, and finding it difficult to carry a backup device with them as some of the reasons to not opt for backup.
According to Jaganathan Chelliah, Senior Director, Marketing, India, Middle East, and Africa, Western Digital, there is a slow yet steady mindset change. 

“Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of their data and looking for effortless backup solutions. We are pleased to play a key role in helping consumers understand the importance of data,” Chelliah added.

The study also reveals that most users have consumed up to 75 per cent of the internal memory of their devices, such as laptops, smartphones, PC, tablets, and digital cameras. 

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