Anaheim, CA also known as “Ducktown” is best known for being the home of Disneyland Resort and the Anaheim Ducks, but there is so much more to the city than meets the eye. From the Oak Canyon Nature Center to Joe’s Italian Ice, there are many hidden gems that you won’t want to miss when exploring this city. So, whether you live in an apartment in Downtown Anaheim, a house in Anaheim Hills, or just want to know what it’s like living in Anaheim, take a look at these hidden gems in order to discover Ducktown.  

Anaheim Convention Center

1. Oak Canyon Nature Center

Oak Canyon Nature Center is a 58-acre natural park. It appears to be small at first. However, it’s huge the more you explore it. There are many wonderful hiking trails for families, and they also have children’s programs such as day camps and educational activities.

2. The Packing House

Local photographer, William J Saylor Photography, shares that “The Packing House features plenty of small unique places to eat such as hand-tossed pizza, Italian ice, and genuine tacos with hand-made tortillas. They also have live music, which is an overall great time.” 

Packing House Anaheim

3. 1,000 Steps Beach 

Located in South Laguna, 1,000 Steps Beach is one of the largest beaches in the area. It features everything from tidepools to caves to rock tunnels. While the beach is named 1,000 steps beach, don’t let the name alarm you. The number of steps is closer to 200.

4. Anaheim White House Restaurant

“Our favorite hidden gem in Anaheim is The Anaheim White House Restaurant,” notes wedding and family photographer Shy Heart Studios. “Chef Bruno is incredible and makes his way around to greet every guest at some point in the evening, the service is absolutely top-notch, and they have an amazing charity called Caterina’s Club.”

5. Joe’s Italian Ice

Joe’s Italian Ice serves delicious Italian Ice with fresh fruit. It’s garnished with a high-grade soft serve ice cream shipped from Pennsylvania. Some flavors include Strawberries ‘N Cream, Mango Tango, and Dreamsicle. 

6. Deer Canyon Park Preserve

“​​Anaheim offers a great range of hidden gems, but one of my favorites is Deer Canyon Park,” remarks local La Petite Photo. “I love to take photos there at sunset, between the trees and by the lake or on the hiking trail. It is a peaceful and great place to stroll and enjoy the last ray of the sun of the day.”

Deer Canyon also offers a wide array of activities, such as hiking and horseback riding.

7. Pirate Tower 

Only accessible at low tide, the Victoria Beach Pirate Tower is a hidden gem not many know about. Getting there can be confusing as it’s tucked away near the cliffs. While the name might be deceiving, it has nothing to do with pirates. It used to serve as a private staircase for a former homeowner as a means to get down to the beach. 

A tower next to a cliff

8. Noguchi Garden

Located in nearby Costa Mesa, CA, Noguchi Garden is a sculpture garden that features work from artist Isamu Noguchi. Throughout the garden, you can see different elements, including Energy Fountain, Land Use, Desert Land, Water Use, Water Source, and Forest Walk.

9. Yorba Regional Park

Situated at the mouth of Santa Ana Canyon, Yorba Regional Park is a 140-acre day-use park. There are many things to do throughout including playgrounds, picnic tables, bike trails, and water views. The park is adjacent to the Santa Ana River.

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