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Go First Ticket Cancellation Refund Process: Cash-strapped airline Go First’s announcement on Tuesday that its flights stand cancelled for threee days — May 3, 4 and 5, led to confusion among ticket-holders who had booked to travel on the airline. But the airline, which operates around 180-185 flights every day, has precious little to offer for ticket-holders looking to reschedule or for refunds. Although it did agree that the ticket-holders would eventually get their money back, it stopped short of giving a deadline as to when the passenegrs could expect a refund. 

Amid uncertainties over its future course, Go First said it would provide a full refund of tickets. In its official communication with passengers and travel aggregators, the cash-strapped airline said that it would issue full refund through the “original mode of payment.” Meaning, those who paid for the tickets via credit card will see the refund reflecting in their credit card statement whenever it is processed, and those who paid through UPI and net banking, will receive the refund directly in their account.

In its communication, the airline stated: 
“We regret to inform that due to operational reasons, Go First flights scheduled for 3rd, 4th and 5th May 2023 have been cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience. 
A full refund will be issued through the original mode of payment shortly.
We acknowledge the flight cancellations might have disrupted plans and we are committed to providing all the assistance we can. We thank you for your patience.
Kindly contact our customer care centre on 1800 2100 999 or write to us at feedback@flygofirst.com to let us know how we can help you. Team Go First”

Go First Flights cancelled: How to get ticket refund?
On its FAQs page for refunds and cancellation, the answer to the question “I had a booking on Go First, which is cancelled now. How do I get the refund?”, the airline answers that the refunds will be processed to the respective modes of payment and the airline will keep ticket-holders updated regarding the proceedings. It says: “Dear Go First Flyer, we sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you due to the event of flight cancellation, on account of unavoidable operational issues. The refunds will be processed to the respective modes of payment. We shall keep you updated on the proceedings. Thank you for your understanding.”

Go First ticket cancellation: How to claim refund if booked through travel websites and agents?

When asked how ticket-holders, who booked their tickets through online travel aggregators and travel agents, could receive their refund, the cash-strapped airline’s website has the same answer to this question as well. It says that the refunds will be processed to the respective modes of payment and the airline will keep ticket-holders updated regarding the proceedings.

Go First ticket cancellation: Can Go First reschedule/transfer my ticket to some other airlines?
A large number of passengers are likely to have booked their tickets for unavoidable reasons and would need to travel urgently. Answering the query of such ticket-holders, whether the airline can reschedule or transfer their ticket to some other airline, Go First responds in the negative, and says, “We regret that we cannot reschedule/transfer your ticket on to any other airlines.”

Go First ticket cancellation: Can I reschedule my ticket to a future date?
Some fliers may also be willing to defer their plans to a later date. For such ticket-holders who may be willing to postpone ther travel plans from May 3, 4 and 5, the airline expresses its haplessness, saying “currently there is no availability to reschedule on your sector.”

Those looking to contact Go First’s helpline can do call the customer care centre on 1800 2100 999 or write at feedback@flygofirst.com 

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