Flip the Script: An Intriguing New Approach to Workplace Culture

Ever wanted to leave  a job because of a toxic workplace culture?  Leaving is one approach but what if you could stay and make positive change?  This episode will empower you to flip the script on the work environment for the better!   My guest will share insights from her new book Own Your Armor: Revolutionary Change for Workplace CultureMichelle Brody PhD knows and understands workplace dynamics and shares how you can change them whether you are a leader or an employee.  You will love her practical wisdom!

I’m also excited to announce that I published a book on the 20th anniversary of my coaching practice.  It’s called, Are you ready to love your job? Make a great living through Soul Search, Research and Job Search.  Rated #1 in New Releases in Job Hunting on Amazon.  It is available in paperback and kindle format.  For people who are unhappy or unsure about their careers, my book offers over 60 tips with practical advice and inspiring real-life examples.  I can truly say that were it not for my husband Craig Zabransky and for my clients who’s examples I share; the book would not have been possible.  I also share my own career story in the hopes that it inspires you to follow your dreams – even if they take a long time or seem hard.  Your dreams are there for a reason.  Live them!  And help others live their dreams by purchasing a copy of the book today.

I also share a tip from my book on how to identify the type of work environment that will work for you! Listen in and get inspired to revolutionize your workplace culture without the armor!

Bonus Content: WATCH my video interview with Michelle Brody about her book including additional insights about how to change the culture where you work.

Check out this episode!

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