CNBC’s Salinas on swimming in business news stories

UNC-Chapel Hill journalism professor Andy Bechtel spoke with deputy business editor Sara Salinas about her job.

Q. Describe your job at CNBC. What is your typical day like?

A. As deputy editor for our site’s Business and Company News team, I spend all day swimming in stories about transportation, media, entertainment, retail and restaurants. I work with a team of 11 beat reporters, strategizing around what we should cover, when we should cover it and how.

My typical day starts before the stock markets open, reading in on news and editing and publishing some quick hit pieces to jump start the day for the team. By mid-morning, I’ll have caught up with reporters to hear about what’s on their plates for the day or beyond, plan broader coverage for ongoing storylines, and schedule out the always-frenzied earnings report season.

Even the best-scheduled days can get derailed by a breaking news story, but I chip away at edits on longer feature stories as I’m able and wrap up my day sometime after the markets close when it feels like we’re safely beyond the 4 p.m. hour news dump.

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